1. Molly より:

    Ey to go, Biz!!! I will jump on board with you, however, my bad ass next is not as complex! I want to follow the C2 5k program coitlssentny every other day, continue tracking everything, and check myself at the emotional eats door! You can do it, Biz!!=)Peg

  2. We don’t always understand the procedures but know that Zoe is in very capable hands. We are counting the days until she will be over her treatments and back home and healthy. Thanks again for the updates, we look forward to them and read them every day.You all are in our nightly prayers.Love to all, Nannie and John

  3. I usedta ht clubs back in the day and holograms was always a sure sign that the DJ was wack. I remember when my bank took money they made charging $3-teller fees and gave their execs bonuses then put a $5mill giant hologram of the Bank’s logo and founder in the lobby…Now hiphop is freaking out over holograms?Wait till hiphop discovers lazertag.