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    I'm very sure they have a good reason for not releasing an untethered jailbreak as of yet. I happen to be one of the lucky ones as my 3GS has the old boot rom so it's already untethered on IOS 5 but can't wait to update my iPad to an untethered jailbreak. These guys know what there doing and oh yea, they do have lives outside of hacking! They have never dinptaoisped and will eventually release a quality untethered version so just be patient!

  2. It was a great game and Miles had them well prepared.It was bad to see the players lose this game.It was a bad call to go for field go instead of pooch kick.Game was over if he got it inside the 20.Noway ALA could have won if he got it inside the 20 and no timeouts.I guess pressure got to him.

  3. That card is seriously gorgeous Mandy and if your daughters pal does'nt like it I 'll just have to have it then…lol….Thanks for the new candy, looks fab and congrats to the winner of the last one…phew…xxx